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Palm CBD was founded by a son who wanted to heal his father. During his journey to find a cure, he discovered CBD. Not only did it help his father, but also helped his own anxiety. As he began using CBD more, he found that there were almost endless wellness benefits that could help all his friends and family. The problem - CBD was expensive, and it was hard to get the effective products he needed every day. Therefore, he decided to drop everything and dedicate his life to consistently provide effective, organic, medicinal grade CBD products at an affordable price.

Today, Palm CBD is proud to bring you some of the most effective hemp CBD products in the industry. Using the most advanced extraction equipment in the industry, Palm CBD receives the highest medicinal grade CBD oil products available. We work closely with select hemp farms located across Oregon who use sustainable, environmentally conscious agricultural methods. These farms supply our facility with CBD rich, clean and organic Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil. And now - we’ve taken CBD to a new level. Our new Palm CBD vape pens each contain a proprietary blend of essential oils and terpenes to enhance and guide the powerful benefits of CBD healing.

Join us on our journey to create the best CBD products for you and your family.

Thank you for choosing Palm!

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